During the “Guelaguetza”, a traditional festivity in the state of Oaxaca through July, there’s a particular show called “BANI STUIT GULAL” the Zapoteco (the regional dialect) for “the repetition of the ancient” which through dance, music & poetry, tells the story of this region.

There’s a legend about a giant snake or SIERPE which stand out from the rest of the stories.

The SIERPE holds power over water in the shape of rain, storms and floods to make it difficult for humans to settle down over certain places and also, to keep them away from living in peace.

But the people from Oaxaca learned to spot the snake before it hit them by staring into the clouds looking for thin, long, curved shapes with a certain brightness. When spotted, it meant two things.

Be ready.

Time to sow.

The SIERPE NEGRA (Black Snake) is a representation of the strength, wisdom, mysticism, patience and magic which lives in Oaxaca.

THIS is the very essence of our mezcal.

THIS is what you’ll get in every cup.


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